I'm Lauren, I'm 17 and I live on a tiny island in North Wales obsessed with anything beauty, fashion, travel or movie related, ooh and food related of course. (Duh.)

Living in a quiet and pretty boring part of the country has almost forced me to want to travel to other parts of the world, and so I literally count down the days until I can escape and go off to university. I study History, English at A-level in my secondary school sixth form, and I'm pretty sure all the work is driving me insane. However all my efforts are focused on moving away to university to take a Journalism course and become a Journalism which is my ultimate dream. Being happy is really important to me too, to everyone I'm sure, however sometimes I really struggle to stay positive and so being happy is something I also aspire for the future.

In among trying to take over the world with my writing talents (sarcasm), I'm obsessed with putting outfits together and only wish I owned millions just to buy more clothes to put together. My current super-obsession is black boots, which is slowly becoming unhealthy and making me very poor. Make-up is a serious passion of mine and I love to experiment with different looks (hmm typical girl much) but in all honesty, let's face it, no-make-up days will forever be the best.

I have two fluent languages I use daily, English and Welsh although being able to speak Welsh gets pretty pointless once you pass Wrexham nowadays but I'd love to be able speak Spanish.

So if you've actually made it all the way through my ramblings and got to this point, I'd basically sum up that I want to write, travel, learn Spanish and be happy. I hope you enjoy my posts and if you want to know anything about anything please leave me a comment.


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