Thursday, 17 March 2016

Motivation and Getting Back on Track

So these past couple of weeks I've really been struggling with motivation and in general just getting out of bed, and I'm sure I can't be the only one. I seem to have lost all motivation in working out and looking after my body and my university work with the only thing getting me out of bed is going out to the pub. 
Now I could just be describing the average student, but I don't like being this way, and it's completely out of character for me so I want to use this blog post to give myself, and anyone else out there struggling to motivate themselves, a strict list to get back on track. I have a fairly long Easter holiday coming up, as I live in the UK, and want to use this time at home, away from distractions, to bring myself back to normal.

Lack of routine is 100% one of the reasons why I cannot get out of bed or constantly feel out of sorts. With a different bed time every night is makes for a very strange day as it all depends on when I wake up. Therefore getting a daily routine is essential even if it is something basic as having the same bed time every night. This means I'm going to concentrate on getting my sleeping pattern sorted and staying as active as possible during the day to ensure I sleep when I should. 

Something that has gone completely through the window at university is my eating. Drunken trips to the chicken shop and hangover food all result in you feeling like utter crap, a lesson I've had to learn the hard way. Now although Easter is all about the food, especially those pesky chocolate eggs, I'm really going to refrain from junk and alcohol (as much as is humanly possible for an 18 year old girl) knowing I'll feel and look so much better.

Now motivating myself and having willpower are personal traits that have seriously deteriorated in the last couple months, even after I made the effort to join the gym. But when I do go I seriously feel better and can honestly say that even though I kick up a right fuss about going, I can honestly say I've never regretted a session. Hence why working out everyday is what is going to help maintain my motivation. Getting motivated to exercise in itself is a task that involves serious determination on my behalf and setting goals. 

I am the ultimate queen of feeling sorry for myself when I've f*cked something up like breaking a diet or wasting a day doing nothing. So as part of life you kind of have to accept that you are human and aren't perfect and so sometimes you end up eating that entire packet of cookies instead of the two you'd promised yourself as a treat (not referring to real-life scenarios, I promise). Now this is where forgiving yourself comes in. Don't botch up your whole diet over a packet of cookies, accept what you've done and move on! Keep working towards those goals knowing that one mistake isn't going to ruin everything. 

Now, I won't lie to you, this post was mainly a reality check/therapy session for me, but if you happen to come across it and find it useful in anyway please give it a share or leave me a comment on how you stay motivated/getting back on track. The more tips the better! 

Note To Self:  Lauren, when you ruin your diet with another packet of cookies, refer back to this post.

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  1. I really needed some motivation and this blog is surely a motivation for me. I am definitely going to get back in track and loose some fat. Thank you for sharing it