Friday, 29 January 2016

What's In My Bag: Uni Edition

So its been awhile to say the least, but I'm going to spare you the apologises and commitments to more posts and get straight to the point.

I've been a busy ol' bee with getting into Uni and settling down in my new environment, and to say I'm enjoying it is an understatement! Loving my course and all the new Uni friends I've made and so I thought now is a better time then any to return to something else I enjoy...blogging!

Usual days at Uni involve maybe one or two lectures and a few seminars and tutorials squeezed into the week but I'm out of the house everyday and always carrying my bag. I have a Mulberry long strap bag, and before you all start to object to carrying around a potential £1000 bag around uni, it is in fact a fake! I got it from Greece and its a pretty good one if I'm honest.

Inside I keep all my daily essentials: hay fever tablets, tissues, asthma pump; for those wheezy allergy days. Plasters, Vaseline and hair bobbles incase of emergencies and chewing gum of course. An unexplained paper clip; earphones which are beyond essential when walking around campus, a pencil case, purse and gloves for when the Northern cold hits, which is all the time lately! Sunglasses which I'm certain have never been used and a portable phone charger with no cable so very useless.

I also carry around the lipstick I'm wearing that day and today was MAC Velvet Teddy and a MAC lip pencil in Dervish.

Thanks for bearing with me but I'd love to hear if you're in uni and what things you carry around or any tips. 

Thanks for reading!