Tuesday, 12 August 2014

New York City

We took a sunset boat trip on the Hudson River and the views were unreal

Strawberry Pancakes at George's on Greenwich St. They were so goooood!

My parents surprised my sister and I with a helicopter trip around the city. It was the craziest experience and the views were unbelievable. Selfie ft. half dad's face.

Empire State of Mind

Views from the Empire State. 

The best bakery in NYC - hands down! I got the Chocolate Cupcake, my sister got a Strawberry Mousse cake that was the size of her face and my parents shared a Pecan and Caramel Cheesecake. Absolute heaven!

How could I not go all the way to New York and not stop by a Sephora. This is Sephora on Times Square.

Times Square at night - Our hotel was only a block away so we spent most of our time here and witnessed some of the weirdest people, including a naked all-singing-all-dancing granny...

Shake Shack - oh my gawd!

The American Museum of Natural History

Shot at Newark Liberty International Airport - Next Stop Puerto Rico

Well hey there!
I'm back after a surreal couple of weeks that were truly unforgettable, and after going through the trillions of photos I took in New York I managed to narrow it down to these that explain my time there all too well.
The people, the buildings, the culture, the life, New York lives up to it all and I never wanted to leave. Definitely considering moving there, I've just fallen in love!

I'd love to here what adventures you've been up to this summer, big or small, so please leave me a comment below.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow! It's my dream to go to New York, hopefully soon I will! It's beautiful there.... great blog post X


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