Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Weekend in Manchester

Well hey there!

So this weekend my family and I ventured out to Manchester to watch the Manchester City Vs Chelsea game to celebrate my dad's birthday. We left on the Friday and stayed at the Travelodge smack in the center of the city itself which was so lovely. The room was very clean and modern and me and Naomi (my sister) had a pretty decent view.

The game was on Saturday so we spend the rest of Friday night at T.G.I Friday's, which lets face it is the best place ever! I got a Jack Daniel's Burger (of course) and unfortunately the excitement of the food and my hunger must have gotten the better of me because I forgot to take photos :-( But take my word for it, it was amazing!

The next day we spent it shopping - yay! I got myself some lovely bits and bobs that I've wanted for ages, especially from Lush, so another post might be needed. Then we made our way to the match, and I was all kitted out in my hoodie and scarf. I've never been to a football game before and I was definitely surprise at how much I enjoyed it. City won 2-0 and the Chelsea fans did not seem to take losing very well.

To celebrate the win and of course my dad's birthday we went to an Indian/Punjabi restaurant called EastZEast and had the most delicious food. We arrived about 10pm and it was very busy there, we were told we had a 30-40 minute wait, but we were seated in 10 so we were very happy. The food was amazing and the service was great and I'd definitely recommend it.

So after a long lie-in and a little last minute shopping we made our way back home. Had such a lovely weekend and I can't wait to go back and hopefully watch another game.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to know what you got up to this weekend so please leave a comment :-)


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Recent Favourites

Well hey there!

Huge apology for the lack of posts lately, school work is slowly taking over my life and leaving me with a non-existent social life and seriously sleep deprived. I wanted to make a commitment to myself to do a monthly favourites but I don't think that's ever going to be possible with my combination of laziness and an never-ending pile of work, so I thought I'd just drop a quick mention of what I've been using lately.

So it isn't a lot but here are some recent discoveries of products/stuff I've become completely obsessed with starting with the Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush in 'Not An Illusion'. This is great to wear on a day-to-day basis or for a school day look as it just gives a tint of colour but isn't too glossy. It has a very sweet/chocolatey smell and I pretty much wear it everyday recently. Next beauty related product I adore (which is no surprise) is the Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder. I got it as part of a Benefit set which I love doing because I can try the products out in mini before splurging out on the full sized one. Bronzers are always difficult for me because I'm sooo pale however it lives up to it's hype as it gives a much more natural glow to the skin than I expected.

The nail varnish I've been wearing pretty much everyday since the start of February is Topshop's 'Rumours & Lies'. Not much to say expect I'm a sucker for nail varnishes in general but I feel this one is just perfect for this time of year. The Body Shop Eau De Toilette in Moringa as you know from my last post (click here) is a new discovery to me but is something I've completely fallen in love with.

So I suppose you could call these 'non-beauty' favourites and the first is Twinings Peach & Cherry Blossom Green Tea. This has such an amazing smell and when it begins to cool is actually smells of marzipan making it taste 100x better. This is the only thing that gets me through the mountain of work I'm greeted with when I get home everyday, Go Twinings! And last but not least is The Great Gatsby and it's incredible soundtrack, especially the song 'Young & Beautiful' by Lana Del Rey. I'm completely obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio and now the entire film.

Little Side Note (LSN):- Hope everyone in the UK who is suffering with these floods & winds & storms are okay because although me and the surrounding areas only suffered flickering lights and a couple hours without electric, I know there are some parts of the country suffering terribly :-(

Thanks for reading, sorry again for not posting in a while. Please leave a comment if you have anything you've been obsessed with lately :-)


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Daisy by Marc Jacobs / The Body Shop Eau De Toilette

Well hey there!

So January has finally gone, and good riddance because spring/summer can't come any sooner! As my little reminder of the warmer months, I've been indulging in two gorgeous scents, Daisy by Marc Jacobs (of course) and my new discovery thanks to my sister, The Body Shop Eau De Toilette in Moringa.

Most people know the lovely collection of perfumes Marc Jacobs has but I will forever stay faithful to Daisy and has always been a stern favourite of mine. This is a 50ml bottle from Debenhams, and if you aren't a fan of the smell (how could you not!) the packaging alone amazing, you can't go wrong with some white and gold flowers. With its sweet but sophisticated scent this perfume always brings me back to summer.

The next scent I've been obsessed with this month is The Body Shop Eau De Toilette in Moringa. It's perfect if you need a little spritz throughout the day. My sister bought this for me for Christmas along with some other Body Shop goodies and I never expected it to smell so good. It's a very fresh and slightly fruity scent but smells more musky when on the skin. I adore this and the size if perfect for popping in my bag and having a spritz during the day. This cost £8.50 which is pretty good considering how 'expensive' it smells and it being an eau de toilette but they have larger sizes and also have them in eau de parfum.

Thanks for reading, and hope you all escaped the January blues this month. Please leave a comment if you've ever tried the Body Shop scents since this eau de toilette has really intrigued me about all the others Body Shop has to offer :-)